Mega Spin Major Millions Slots

If you like the ideal of a classic three reel slot but find the games a bit slow, try the MegaSpin Major Millions Slot, one in a series of MegaSpin slots by Microgaming. These are fast paced, high energy and every exciting to slots to play, but don't take our word for it, try the games out today.

To get a feel for what you will see and experience when playing MegaSpin Major Millions Slot, imagine seeing six three reel classic slots on your screen. You will find that across the games you will take advantage of wilds, scatters and the possibility of hitting it big on the progressive jackpot.

Wagering Is Simple

Don't let all the slots on the screen scare you off, this is really a very simple slot to wager on and play. You will select a coin range from a dime to a dollar, and then choose the number of coins to play per slot, which will vary from one to three for a total wager of $18 at maximum bet.

The bets are uniform across the six slots, so you only have one set of wagers to place. As with all slots you can also simply play max bet, which gives you three coins at the maximum value on all six slots.

The payable, as with classic three reel slots, is right on the same screen as the reels. Additionally you can see the progressive jackpot total and watch it increase as people place their bets.

The Symbols

The symbols you will see while playing MegaSpin Major Millions Slot are the classic cherries, bars and sevens. As with all classic slots cherries win with one, two or three on the payline and bars and sevens pay out in any combination.

However, with this game, the Mega Millions icon symbol becomes the wild. It pays out if you see one or more, with three giving you the jackpot on the third payline on the reels. Any three on any of the lines pays out, but that third line is really the one you want to see.

This is a great game to play for those who like a bit more action but also love those old styles of classic slots. The wagering range also makes MegaSpin Major Millions Slot a great opportunity for anyone, and that progressive, which can pay off in the millions, really making it an impressive winning possibility.