Spooks and Ladders Slots

Sounds like an intriguing game doesn’t it? And it is, as you will soon see. Even though it is not among the more complex games out there, it has enough to offer many players looking for a fun game to try.

The first thing you’ll notice is the colors packed into the game screen, and the information to the left and right of the reels. We’ll look into this in more detail now.

How many reels and paylines does Spooks and Ladders have?

This is a pub-style, casino-style slot game, so you will find only three reels and just one payline in action here.

What can you wager on this online slot game?

You can only play one coin per line on this game. You can make that coin worth between 10 cents and $10.

Does Spooks and Ladders have any special symbols?

No, there are no scatter or wild symbols here. However, you won’t win a prize for getting a winning combination on the reels. Instead you earn the chance to enjoy some dice rolls, and these will be used in the bonus level.

Is there a bonus level on another screen?

Surprisingly yes, but Microgaming has come up with a number of pub-style games that use a different way of handing out prizes. The right of the screen shows you how many dice rolls you will get for each winning combination. You then roll those dice on the Spooks and Ladders game itself, which of course is based on the board game. This round always grabs you a win of some kind, but the further up the board you can get, the more chance there is of getting a bigger prize. There are multiplier possibilities here as well, so watch out for those.

Download and play Spooks and Ladders slots today!

This game really is one of the better online pub-style slots games out there today. We often find a basic three-reel, one-payline game can get boring pretty quickly. Not so with this slot game. You’ll want to try for winning combinations to get a good number of dice rolls to play with in the bonus round.

Why not download this slot now and see how lucky you could get? Avoid the spooks and go for the ladders wherever you can to have a chance at winning some nice prizes!