Ski Bunny Slots

If you have a sense of humor, you can't help but smile when you get your first look at Ski Bunny Slots. This cartoon designed slot games is a traditional three reel, one payline slot but the graphics on the reels are a good mix of the standards as well as a few unique options. This is a great game for anyone to try, and if you love the classics, you have to give Ski Bunny slots a spin today.

There is definitely a theme to this slot game, which is not the case with all of the old school types of online three reel slots. The ski bunny theme is nicely carried through the background as well as the reels, and you will certainly be looking for some very important combinations.

Taking to the Slopes

This is a very easy game to play even if you have never been online at a casino before. All you have to do is choose a coin size, from ten cents to up to ten dollars, and start spinning. You only play one coin per spin, so there are no complicated calculations involved in getting started.

Symbols on the Reels

As with any classic three reel slot, expect to see the traditional fruit icons of the cherries, lemons, organs and plums, along with classic addition of the watermelon.

You will want to see the cute ski bunny, which is literally a curvy rabbit, on the reels for the maximum willing possibility. You also have the ability to change your game, or the ski runs, by simply clicking the run color right below the reels.

Nudges and Extras

Besides the ski bunny on the side of the reels, you will find a variety of nudges you can play to create a winning combination. In addition, the various winning combinations on the reel's single payline will also trigger bonus games.

During the bonus games, you will see a completely different type of reel with different icons including carrots, helicopters, ski lodges, skis and the much sought after Ski Bunny herself. Winning combinations automatically trigger the bonus games; you don't have to worry about missing a game.

Winning on the bonus games will award up to 500 times your wager, and you will never win less than one times your wager. During all winning combinations on both the regular games and the bonus games, you will hear some great ski related sound effects, and this only adds to the fun of playing Ski Bunny Slots.