Flash Slots

Flash slots are the same as regular slots but the only difference being of course that you can play instantly with no need to download the casino to your computer. This is of course is a great advantage and means that wherever you are in the world and no matter which computer you are playing at, you can enter the flash casino and start playing flash slots.

No Download and Instant Play

Flash slots are slots that do not need any downloading to your own computer. Not only are they as colorful and lively as the slots that you get at regular online casinos but you can also play them instantly with no need to download to your casino. A flash casino is played at directly from the web browser of the casino and in just one or two clicks you can be playing a wide range and choice of slots. If at any stage you have to cut the game off in the middle, a flash casino will remember where you were in the flash slots game and will take you back to the same place. Of course you can play the flash slots for fun but if you play for fun you only win for fun, meaning that you can win real money.

Types of Flash Slots

There are a number of different flash slots games that you can play and the casino that you choose to play at will let you know what is on offer. From 3 reel slots to 5 reel video slots, progressive slots and new multi player slots are all available at a range of online casinos. 3 reel slots are slot games that generally have 3 reels and one payline although some have more and offer extra bonus opportunities which include separate bonus games, bonus trails and even simple ideas like bonus budges and holds.

Video Flash Slots

Video slots are the most exciting and well known of all of the flash slots games. These are generally slots games that offer 5 separate spinning reels although now there are even slots with 7 reels. These 5 reels hold a multitude of different gaming opportunities from bonus trails to free spins, bonus games and even interactive bonus games where your progress is determined by your choices. Both of these types of flash slots games can also offer progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpot is a constantly changing jackpot which grows depending on the number of players, who play the game, the more, that play, the larger the jackpot. Playing flash slots has so many advantages that soon the idea of downloadable slots may become a bit obsolete. Flash slots offer instant fun with no need to fill up your computer with casino software. It is the most efficient and best way to play slots yet.

Best Casinos to Play Flash Slots