Mummy Munny Slots

Not to mention the funny play on words in the name, Mummy Munny Slots is a game you will want to try the next time you are online. Although it is a basic three reel slot, it offers a lot of wagering possibilities in a new twist on an old classic.

For classic slot lovers, this game offers something just a bit out of the ordinary. The game features a wild symbol, the mummy, and this obviously wealthy ghoul will help you to see some amazing winning possibilities.

Wagering Made Easy

It couldn't be easier to wager on this game. You will first choose a coin value from a quarter to up to five dollars. You will then determine how may lines to play from one to five, for a total maximum wager of $25 and a minimum wager of just a quarter. As with any of these slots, playing maximum bet provides you with the greatest winning potential in any combination.

This is a three reel classic slot, but there are five paylines with the winning combinations easily visible off to the top right-hand side of the reels. If the mummy is on any active payline, it will automatically replace any other symbol to give you the win.

Bars and Sevens

With Mummy Munny Slots, you will only see two types of symbols on the reels besides the wild mummy's head. You will see bars, from one to three, which will win in all combinations.

You will also see purple sevens, which are the highest paying symbol outside of the mummy's head. Seeing three mummy's heads on active paylines does provide the highest payout with the maximum jackpot of 5000 coins for the diagonal left to right option, from bottom left to top right. While this game isn't a video slot or a progressive, it is a lot of fun to play. Since there is more than one payline and there are wilds that frequently occur on the reels, this game provides more than a basic slot but not all the bells and whistles of a full video slot.

All the buttons to control the game are very easy to use, and even a first-time player will have no trouble in mastering Mummy Munny Slots. There is even a simple maximum bet slot to allow you to quickly adjust your bet if you feel lucky.