Are You Ready to Tackle a Mad Road

Every time a brand new slot game is released, the first question everyone has on their mind is the same: Is it any good?

We're pleased to report the brand new game from Arrow's Edge definitely warrants the answer 'Yes!' Mad Road is built around a road trip that takes you through the desert with a team of characters. We've got the lowdown on the game right here.

How many reels and paylines does Mad Road have in store?

This game has five reels in play and 15 paylines. This is a fixed game too, which means you have to play all the paylines with each spin. However, since the lowest bet is 15 cents (making it one cent per payline), this should fit in with your budget.

Does the game have wild and scatter symbols?

It has both. You'll meet lots of characters in this game, and Adara, who drives on the Mad Road, is the wild symbol. The scatter is Billy, so watch out for him to pop up on the reels for some wins too.

Watch out for exploding symbols!

This is a superb feature of this new game. Whenever you get a winning arrangement of symbols on a payline, each of those symbols will explode. This reveals more symbols falling into the places they have left. This means you automatically get a chance to form another winning combo!

The feature also brings with it the chance of a multiplier. The top right of the game screen has a multiplier panel ranging from x1 to x6. Every time you form a winning combination as a result of the previous symbols exploding, the multiplier is increased. This means you could get as high as x6 your win.

Does Mad Road offer you a bonus round?

It does - and you shouldn't be surprised either. This game has been really well thought through and the bonus road puts you in the driving seat - literally!

Moreover, you can play as many as nine separate levels in the bonus game. In each level, you're prompted to choose one of the options on the screen. This will reveal a step to the next level, a multiplier prize or a cash prize.

Get ready to play Mad Road today for a chance at the progressive jackpot!

Yes, this game has a progressive jackpot on top of the top prize of 2,000 coins. What are you waiting for? Your vehicle awaits!