Joker 8000 Slots

For a very real, old-school slot machine playing experience right from your own computer you have to try Joker 8000 Slots. Everything about this game from the full view of the slot machine, not just a screen, to the sound effects will have you thinking back to the first time you walked into a real world casino.

While this slot is a three reel classic type of slot machine, it has a lot of features that take it well beyond the basics. It actually offers five paylines not one or three as many of the standard slot offer across the three reels. This translates into more opportunities to win during play.

Placing a Bet

Even if you have never been to an online casino slot area, you will quickly catch on to playing Joker 8000 Slots. All you need to do is choose a coin range from twenty cents to twenty dollars, then hit the spin button. You will automatically be playing all five lines, which gives you the maximum winning potential.

If you have played a slot at a traditional casino, the game will be very familiar, and within a few seconds you will feel right at home.

The Reels

You will see classic slot graphics as well as some unique to this game on the reels. The lower paying icons include the cherries, lemons and watermelons, followed by bars and crowns on Joker 8000 Slots.

However, what you really want to see are the Jokers. If you see two Jokers on a spin, you can win up to 8000 times your bet, which is really amazing for a three reel slot. You will choose to determine the multiplier, but you will always get something that is sure to boost your bankroll.

After you have a winning spin, you can also choose to play the 50/50 component of the game if you want to. This is simply choosing a black or red, the buttons are on the bottom of the reels, and then see if it matches. If you win, you can continue to double-up, and you can continue to play this option as long as you make the right choices.

This is a simple game to play that offers a lot of fun and excitement. If you haven't tried Joker 8000 Slots, it is well worth playing the next time you are at a Microgaming casino.