Alien Cash Attack Slots

Remember when a basic slot game used to consist of three reels and very little else? Well even these games have received something of a makeover nowadays, as you will see from Alien Cash Attack slots.

We've reviewed it for you here so you can see just how appealing it might be for you. Could you be in for some wins on this game?

How many reels and paylines can you find in Alien Cash Attack?

As we mentioned above, there are a mere three reels in this game. You will only find one payline too.

How much or little could you bet?

Your one and only coin to wager on the single line here can be worth anything from ten cents to ten dollars.

Does Alien Cash Attack have any special symbols?

You won't find a scatter symbol here, and there is no wild symbol either. That's a shame, but then again it is pretty standard for this type of slot game.

Is there a bonus round?

There is of sorts. You see, this game doesn't win you prizes on the basic game itself. Instead you will get combinations to earn some WinSpins. This method is used in several of Microgaming's slots games of this kind.

You can win between one and 25 WinSpins depending on the combination of symbols you get to earn them. The good thing is you will see a different screen when you earn one or more WinSpins. You sit back and watch the spins play out, and this is your chance to see how much you will win from those spins.

Download and try Alien Cash Attack slots today!

This game is a little unusual in that the basic spins you make of the reels will never win you anything. Instead you will earn those WinSpins and then the real game begins. You can win some nice prizes during the free spins, so this is the level you will be shooting for at all times.

If you are familiar with the traditional type of casino or pub slot machine, you might at first think this is what you are looking at. However, this is not the case. Instead you will realize you are playing a slightly different game, thanks to Microgaming. It is a refreshing game indeed, and one you will want to look into in more detail.