Bulls Eye Slots

If you've spent more hours in the pub playing darts than you'd care to admit, Bulls Eye Slot might be your new favorite find. Bulls Eye Slot game is a classic 3 reel slot with a Bonus Game feature. The game itself carries a very classic slot theme combined with a dart and Wheel of Fortune twist. Players only need a single cherry symbol to see a return, which makes it a fun and rewarding game. This game is perfect for anyone who appreciates the simplicity of classic slots but craves a little more excitement via the inclusion of a Bonus Round.

Simple Rules For Bulls Eye Slots

The basic strategy and rules of play for Bulls Eye Slots aren't much different than any other slot on the casino floor. First, be sure to look at the overall payout structure so you'll know what you're trying to land on the screen. Next, choose how many coins you want to play. Three coins is the max (each coin valuing $1) and players who want to get a chance to get to the Bonus Round must bet the max. There are three reels to this game, but although the reel amount is low, the possible jackpot sits at a high 5000 coins. There is also a free practice mode feature to this game, allowing you to play without wagering until you get the idea.

Bulls Eye Slot Symbols Give Slot A Classic Feel

If you love the traditional look of classic slots but long for more interaction and bonus opportunities, Bulls Eye Slots are perfect for you. The symbols in Bulls Eye Slots are classic with cherries and bar symbols. However, the game does come with a wild symbol (The Dart Man symbol) which can be used to substitute for all other symbols to help the player win as much as possible. Also keep your eye out for the Dart Man symbol to give you a multiplier effect. One Dart Man symbol will double the payout but two Dart Man symbols will quadruple your payout.

Bulls Eye Slot Bonus Round Helps You Win Big

Those players who bet the max (three coins) can qualify for the Bonus Round. The Bonus Round is activated when a player gets a Spin Dart Board symbol on the third reel of a payline. The round starts with a traditional pub scene with the player being asked to spin the dartboard. Much like the popular game, Wheel of Fortune, the player will want the board to stop at the highest value. The top prize is 1000 and the second highest is 800. Prizes translate to amounts from $20 to $1000 and are automatically displayed on the game's chalk board.