Arrival Slots

BetSoft is known for releasing some great slots games and Arrival definitely fits the mold here. It’s an amusing game with 3D elements and an alien sits at the bottom of the screen watching your progress at all times. Check out our review here to discover more.

How many reels and paylines does the slots game have?

You’ve got the familiar five reels in play here as well as 30 paylines in total. You can select odd amounts of paylines, so from one through to three, five, seven and so on, before you get up to 28, 29 or all 30 lines.

Does Arrival have big or small bet amounts to place?

Your smallest bet amount is 0.02 and you can go all the way up to 0.50 when you play. You’ve also got the option to choose from one to five of your chosen credits to play per line.

Does the game offer any special symbols?

Yes, watch out for the brain alien because a minimum of three of these will make a UFO appear to trigger one reel to go wild. You get free spins too. The raygun is good too, since this reveals the Click Me UFOs special feature. You get to click on these UFOs to see how many instant prizes you can win.

You’ll notice there aren’t any traditional wild or scatter symbols in play. However with the addition of the symbols above you can still have a great time playing these games and enjoying the outcome.

Can you look for a bonus round in Arrival?

Yes, and you’ll have to try and save the girl with the help of a marine. Look for three symbols appearing on the reels that feature a blonde girl and your bonus round will begin. If you get to rescue her you can win credits in doing so.

Download and play Arrival slots online today!

Make no mistake, Arrival is a great game. The game screen is incredibly detailed with plants, machines and weird alien bugs appearing on the reels. You can watch out for short 3D cut scenes whenever you get a win on the reels too, making the game more engaging still. We think Arrival is a big success and we’d be happy to play it for longer periods. Why not download and play it today to see if you agree?