Max Damage slots

If you have played this game already you might wonder why it is being included here. However it typically appears in video slot collections or regular slots game collections, and as such we thought we’d review it – especially as it promises something completely different.

So what does Max Damage have in store?

How many reels and paylines are there?

When we reveal this game has no reels and absolutely no paylines, you might wonder why Max Damage is often included in with the slots games. In reality it is more of an arcade game, but many slots players still try it out.

What are the minimum and maximum bet amounts?

You can start with as little as one cent per coin and go up to $2 per coin.

Are there any special symbols?

You have to watch out for boosters here. These give you additional lives (you get six to begin with), not to mention health, shields and damage boosters. You can also grab upgrades for your existing weapons so there is a lot involved here, even if it doesn’t quite match up to the usual slots games you’re familiar with.

Is there a bonus round in Max Damage?

Not as such, although there are some neat features involved. For example if you destroy a ship piloted by an alien you will get as many as 10,000 coins in return. Boss levels are also included that can provide you with up to 110,000 coins. There are also freebies to watch out for, so you can grab coins for getting these as well.

Try Max Damage today!

As you can see, Max Damage is very different from a slots game even though this is the very section you are likely to find it in when you locate it online. Plenty of features here bring it into line with the many arcade games you might have played before.

If you want to try Max Damage there are some websites around that offer a free play demo version to try out before you wager any money on it. This may not be the game for you; however if you like the look of it you should be sure you know how and when you will wager money through playing it. If you love it you might just get through all nine rounds available!