Lords of Asgard Slots

The Lords of Asgard, Viking kings are set in a modern slots setting in this game that has five reels and 10 paylines. Some of the famous Viking characters can be seen alongside other lesser known characters and lots of colorful dice. In this game the legend of the Nidhogg dragon is purported. Players will earn an initial 10 free spins when landing three or more of these dragons on the screen. The dragon wakes up and moves along the screen giving the player more free spins and winning payouts.

Triggering Free Spins and Other Bonus Payouts

The wild symbol also triggers free spins and this is in addition to the handsome payouts that it offers players when two or more appear on the screen. Players that continue to place bets and earn high payouts will benefit from further chances and the super game. This is activated when the player has earned more than 100x his bet, he is taken to a new screen where he can earn tokens and tickets to win more payouts in the super game. Although the setting is modern for this game with lots of colored dice on the screen the game still includes some of the classic Viking characters and symbols. It is an interesting combination to see the modern meet the Vikings and to win payouts in addition.