3 Charms Crush Slots

3 Charms Crush slots is more like an arcade game than a real slots game although it does have spinning reels and rows. There are five reels and five paylines in this game. The paylines are all horizontal. 3 Charms Crush slots only has three symbols. There is a purple ball with spiky hair, a yellow ball with a squashed face and a green blob with strange ears. Players can place bets on each of the paylines using a variety of coin sizes. The maximum bet is $5 and of course the game may be played in fun mode before placing real money bets.

Winning Payouts with 3 Charms Crush Slots

Lining up two or more of the same colored symbols on the screen awards the player a payout. Each option is detailed at the side of the screen where the player can see what he will be paid for landing different symbols. The highest payout is for five of the pink creatures, awarding the player 500 coins and if he lines then up on the bottom row, the winnings will be multiplied 5x. There is no wild symbol and no scatter in this game but there is a multiplier that sits on each row. The bottom row winnings are multiplied 5x, the second to bottom row winnings are multiplied 4x, the middle row are multiplied 3 x, the second row are multiplied 2x and the top row winnings are multiplied 1x. 3 Charms Crush slots is a colorful and easy to play slots game that does offer some great potential for winning payouts.