Mermaid's Pearls Slots

Pearls are much sought after treasures among many people. You are going to find yourself looking for them in this slot game too, for reasons that are soon going to become clear.

Mermaid’s Pearls takes you deep into the water to find out what lies beneath the surface. Are you ready to take a deep breath to find out more?

Get ready to play Mermaid’s Pearls

This is a modern slot, a relatively new release, and one that is sure to delight many fans. The theme may not be new, but it delivers on its early promise.

Who created the game?

RTG is the home of Mermaid’s Pearls slots. Real Time Gaming has a knack of creating cool games, and we think this one slots neatly in that collection too.

Are you going to try the demo first?

Slot developers create demo versions of their games for good reason. They allow you to enjoy immersing yourself inside the game, yet you don’t put any of your own cash at risk by playing it. Some players never progress beyond this, but even if you intend to, you should see what the game is like first.

A swimmingly good theme!

Yes, and there are mermaids involved here, just as you thought there would be. You’ll spot a few other familiar underwater sights as well.

More about the slot game design

Blue is an obvious color to include in this game. It appears in huge wodges too, but there is nothing wrong with that. Mermaids are fictional – at least, we think they are – but you can imagine they settle in very nicely to a location such as this.

Let’s get down to the basics of this game

Firstly, the reels – there are five of those. Instead of going for three symbols on each one though, RTG has added five. This gives us a 5 x 5 grid to play on.

The absence of a progressive jackpot or two might put you off playing, but you should check out the paytable first. The best you could hope for while playing is to scoop a massive multiplier of 12,500x your bet, so that would sure be exciting to get if you could make it happen.

Are there any paylines?

No, but there is good reason for that. The 5 x 5 grid in the game is combined with an All Ways Pays format. We’ll save you the math – that means there are 3,125 potential ways a prize could be won on every spin.

Bets you could place on the game

Whenever you spot a slot game with no paylines, you know you’re going to play one bet per spin. There are lots of options here, from 20 cents per spin up to $50.

Paytable information

The paytable reveals everything you could ever need to know about the Mermaid’s Pearls game. We recommend you view it first before taking the game for a spin – even if you’re in the demo mode.

Now for the bonus

Would you like to try your hand at the Shipwreck Pick Bonus? If so, you need to collect as many pearls as you can, since you need 300 to unlock this bonus feature. You might win some prizes prior to that though, as 15 or more pearls showing up in one spin are good enough to trigger a prize. You can keep an eye on the pearl count as you play, so you’ll know how close you are to the bonus feature.

Free spins are on the way as well if you’re fortunate

Yes, you can earn some of these whenever you reach 600 pearls in your collection. We guessed you’d need fewer pearls for free games than for the bonus, but we go that wrong.

Ten freebies are awarded whenever you get the right quantity of pearls. The only icons to appear during those spins are the pearls and blank places on the reels. This means it is easier to get pearl wins during the feature. Each spin also benefits from a random multiplier worth anything from 1x to 5x.

RTP information

We couldn’t find anything relating to the RTP, although many games produced by RTG come in at around 95% or over, so we can hope for the same with this one.

How highly do we rate this slot game?

We are going to rate this as an 8 out of 10 game, thanks to the freebies and the bonus. Collecting those pearls could take a while, but at least you know where you stand if you are playing for a longer session.

Everyone wants the 12,500x prize!

You bet they do, but who is going to manage to make it happen? We haven’t heard of it occurring yet, but this is still a new release.

Start in practice mode

This is the ideal way to see how the game works and whether Mermaid’s Pearls slots have plenty of appeal for you. We certainly love the look of the game and it does offer some different elements to look forward to.

Playing the real thing

Any casino offering RTG games is going to include this as a new release. Look at the new games area or the new slots area if they have one. If you spot the game, you’ll know it is ready to play.

Play Mermaid’s Pearls on mobile today

Choose from download, instant play, or mobile action in Mermaid’s Pearls. The modern slot release delivers across all platforms.