Batman-Themed Slots From Playtech

Anyone who loved watching Batman in the past will enjoy the new slots games from Playtech. The gaming software company Playtech will offer Batman-themed slots games this year. This is done in collaboration with Warner Bros.

Batman Slots

Under the agreement between Playtech and Warner Bros., there will be two slots games available for Playtech casinos this year. These slots will be based on the original Batman television series. This was a television series which gained a huge following of fans in the 1960s, and still attracts viewers today when re-runs are played. The two new Batman-themed slots are called “Batman & Catwoman Cash Slots” and “Batman & The Joker Jewels Slots.” This is a great opportunity to pretend to be Batman and help protect Gotham City as he battles Catwoman and The Joker. Both slots games have the potential to win a DC Super Heroes progressive jackpot. There are four progressive jackpots in total.


The gameplay is quite fast-paced. Batman & The Joker Jewels Slots does have five reels and 25 paylines to win on. There is a free spin feature called the Joker Random Wilds. There are additional wilds which will appear on the reels, and result in increased winnings. Players will also enjoy viewing scenes from the television series along with audio clips. Other bonuses involve the opportunity to receive unlimited free spins and various multipliers. Enjoy this Batman slots game at a participating Playtech casino.