The Phantom of the Opera Arriving at Microgaming

Microgaming will be soon finishing a brand new slot game which will be inspired by the 2004 film, based on the opera of Andrew Lloyd Webber-The Phantom of the Opera. You know the gambling world is expanding when opera-themed gambling entertainment is now in production. The film itself was directed by Joel Schumacher, starring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum. The movie features several very famous songs and all together it managed to gather over 150 million dollars in its worldwide release. Fans of the work of Microgaming can prepare to gather some big bucks themselves when the opera-based slot arrives. Its release is scheduled for 2017 and the latest information confirms that it will be in possession of characters from the film, the music from the film as well as actual footage from it. The gameplay of this new slot will apparently represent a great mix between a normal slot game and a free spin round, that will be decorated with numerous profitable bonuses.

Slot Based on a Work of Art

So, Microgaming will be making a game based on a film, which in turn was based on an opera and the opera itself was based on a French novel, written by one Gaston Leroux. It's a dark tale of the Phantom, a person with a damaged look who is in love and who has set out to prove that appearances are in no way an obstacle for him to win the heart of the one he loves. There are a few other opera-connected pieces of entertainment that would be more appropriate to choose when it comes down to creating a slot game-the stage musical of The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most revered works of its kind. 140 million people have seen it from 35 countries and 166 cities with a worldwide gross of six billion dollars and 70 awards under its belt. It has been around for 31 years and it is already a classic work in multiple art forms. If just a small fraction of those fans happen to be gambling players, Microgaming is in for a successful release for sure. A celebration organized by Microgaming in honor of The Phantom of the Opera will be ongoing on February 8 at ICE Totally Gaming 2017 in ExCel London. Everyone attending will be have a blast with the musical-themed celebration as they enjoy themselves around the stylish story-connected decorations. Microgaming has also promised to bring in actual props from the on-stage musical and it is clear that they've organized a party to remember: just a warm up for all the fun that is about to come their fan's way when the slot game is released.