Microgaming Adds Two More Games to Its Portfolio

Online slot title builder Microgaming has expanded its casino entertainment portfolio with two more games in the month of April 2017. These exciting new games are Cool Buck Slots and Mega Money Multiplier Slots. Both games are accessible on Quickfire and Microgaming casino operators, and players can enjoy them on their mobile or desktop devices. Besides regular pay table wins, these titles also provide an entertaining set of free games and in-game features.

Microgaming is very enthusiastic about the launch of Cool Buck Slots since the game has a whole new, player excitement enhancing engine that makes it extra fun to spin the reels. Mega Money Multiplier Slots is also a nice addition to the casino enterainment universe, because it gives a modern touch to the classic slot machine experience. Here follow two descriptions of the games in question.

There Is No Cooler Game Than Cool Buck Slots

When young people are asked what they value the most in their lives, their response will often be that it is the ability to look and act cool. It is not so easy to define what the exact requirement is for being cool, but it is certainly easy to spot. Things and people either possess the power of being cool or they don't.

And now there is one new slot title that certainly has that power. In fact, it is even included in its name as it is appropriately called Cool Buck Slots. But besides its name, this game also has the coolness factor embedded in its software. With its recent release, it will now be able to prove that it is worthy of its name, and that it can fulfill the game play expectations from players who have been waiting for its launch.

Get Charmed by That Cool Dollar Bill Smile

But what is the exact coolness factor of this game? In order to find that out, players have to focus on a couple of important factors. First there is of course the design of the game. And luckily, there is nothing to feel bad about design wise. The colorful screen looks crystal clear and it is shows people all they need to know about the game.

Besides the pay table, the spinning reels and the game play buttons, players will also see a very smooth looking dollar bill that smiles its shiny white teeth at them while his hands make a cool move. Besides that, he is also wearing a set of very trendy red shoes, which of course makes him the coolest dollar bill dude on the game screen.

A Very Cool Game Screen Display

The reels of this game are positioned on the screen's left top corner. They display all kinds of classic slot game icons, and that is the right approach because there probably will never will be any cooler and more beloved slot game symbols than them anyway. These top of the pack slot symbols are the bar (single, double and triple), the cherry and the almighty seven. All of this classic slot game delight is displayed on an equally cool looking, green colored background that displays a dollar logo. So gamers will literally be playing on the money when they spin the reels of this game, and that is of obviously a very cool and satisfying thing to do.

Take Control Over the Reels and the Profits

But of course the coolest thing to do is make lots and lots of profits, and it pays to know how Cool Buck Slots performs on that part. A properly designed user interface plays an important role in that money making part. In this game, the user interface is positioned at the bottom of the game screen. This interface is very user friendly so players will be able to make fast bets with it.

Furthermore, their total bankroll balance is displayed on the screen's leftmost bottom corner. Next to this display, players will see two rows. The one on the top displays the total win and total bet amounts. The one on the bottom displays the game adjustment buttons. These buttons read 'spin', 'bet max' and 'bet one'. Those are about all the user face options that players need in order to make a proper bet at this game.

Mega Money Multiplier Slots Lets Player Win Old-School Style

There is perhaps no better name for a slot title than Mega Money Multiplier Slots. A game with such a name must obviously offer plenty of winning opportunities and cash making surprises. Furthermore, this alluring new casino entertainment product has a charming retro design that will touch the hearts of old-school gamblers. But besides that, it will also charm users because of its easy to understand game play rules. So no matter if spinners are new to the slot game world or if they are experienced veterans, there is certainly something to get excited about when they play this 3 reel classic title.

The game has only a couple of rules and it offers a dynamic betting and spinning experience. The main screen display is very basic, and it has as minimalistic set up with only the three reels being directly visible on the center of the screen. But despite its basic display, there is plenty of entertainment power hidden within it.

A Slot Game That Works With the KISS Principle

One charming aspect of Mega Money Multiplier Slots is that it works with the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid), which in this case means that it has a clean and very simple to understand game screen. A single row of reels is positioned on a warm, red colored background, and only a minimum number of command buttons and game play elements are placed at the bottom of the screen. That's about all there is to see, and that can be very pleasing to the eyes for players who often feel overwhelmed by a lot of modern day slot machines that show them cluttered and complicated looking game screens.

Besides its KISS game display, the slot is not that revolutionary when it comes to graphics. But with that being said, its visual power lays mainly in the fact that it will appeal to people who take a trip down memory lane because they used to play the slots at real life casinos. However it will also appeal to those spinners with a curious mindset who did not play physical slots at real casinos, but who still cannot resist the urge to discover what makes this simple little slot title so special.

A Straightforward Display of Game Adjustment Buttons

Aspiring winners will find it easy to play the reels of this game. In total, there are three slot reels and there are nine win-lines crossing these reels. In comparison to other classic slots, this is a high number of lines. Therefore, the volatility of the game will also be higher so it can take a little longer until cash wins start to appear. Before they hit the spin button, players have to decide on the value of their wager, which ranges from a minimum amount of 0.15 credits to a maximum of 150 credits. And once they are satisfied with a certain wager, they can opt to put their spins on autopilot with the 'autoplay' function.

Two Worthy Editions to the Internet's Slot Game Universe

Both of these newly released games are worthy editions to the ever expanding online slot game world, but that is perhaps no surprise when it is Microgaming that has brought them to live on online casinos. Cool Buck Slots and Mega Money Multiplier Slots are games who will especially appeal to fans of classic style slot titles, and it really does not matter if those fans are experienced spinners or spinning apprentices.

Easy rules, clear game play displays and no nonsense designs will make these slots approachable for every kind of player who wants to have a bit of fun on the reels. The two new slots can now be enjoyed at many online casinos, and at these platforms, players will be able to spin the reels with free casino credits or with real coins.