Liberty Slots Introduces Ultimate 10x Wild Slot

Liberty Slots Casino is always ahead of the times and constantly introducing new games to its online and mobile casino. The latest game to be introduced is the Ultimate 10x slots game that comes with a generous offer from Liberty Slots casino until the end of August. New players who join the casino will benefit from a doubled welcome bonus offer of up to 200% on their first deposit made, this is for players of the new Ultimate 10x Wild Slots game. Ultimate 10x slots game is a single payline slots with just three reels, but within these reels there is plenty to enjoy including a must win random progressive jackpot. The must win progressive jackpot must be won by the time it reaches $25000 and so far the game has already surprised a couple of players with a lucky win. Although designed for mobile devices, this slots game is also easily adapted and played at the online version of Liberty Slots casino and is very easy to understand.

Winning Payouts

The game is three reels and one payline, players can choose to place one, two or three coins per bet. The highest payout in the base game is awarded for three of the 10x symbols appearing on the screen. In this case the player receives 30000 coins if he has placed a three coin bet, with a two coin bet the player receives 20000 coins and with a single coin bet the player receives 10000 coins. The next highest payout is awarded for the 10x symbol appearing with the 3x symbol. A three coin bet with this combination awards the player 22500 coins, a two coin bet awards the player 15000 coins and a single coin bet awards the player 7500 coins.

Two Multiplying Wilds

Both the 10x and 3x symbols act as wild symbols. This means they can take the place of other symbols in order to complete a winning payout. If the 10x is used to complete a line, the winnings are multiplied 10x, if two of the 10x symbols are used in a payline the winnings are multiplied 100x. A single 3x multiplies the winnings by 3x, and two of the 3x symbols multiplies the winnings by 9x. The simplicity of this colorful slots game and Liberty Slots Casino adds to its magic and endearment, making it one of the most exciting new games to play to date, especially with the added welcome bonus from Liberty Slots and the must win progressive jackpot.