The Gambling Game of the World’s Leaders

Rarely has a slot game adopted a theme that is connected with the political sphere of life but surprisingly, World Leader Slots is finally here to break this particular stereotype in the gambling genre. The game offers 18 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows upon which the fate of the world will be decided through your decisions and judgements. The main menu is a gigantic hall that resembles that of an official gathering and the symbols are numerous world leaders, some of which share a striking similarity with real-life heads of state. Apart from the usual slot game tools for generating profit, World Leader Slot will also provide three jackpots. The total bet can go as high as around 250 dollars.

The Leaders on the Tribune

As soon as the game starts, players will witness a spinning globe. At the click of a button you will stop the spin and so rearrange the symbols on the main screen. The symbols are numerous. The inanimate objects depicted on the reels includes a mechanical particle with a blue letter "Q", three coins with a red "A" on them, a military looking badge with a big golden letter "K" and a Daily News newspaper with a big letter "J" on the front page. The leaders are extremely entertaining to watch because one can spot a lot of similarities with real-life counterparts such as the Queen of England Elizabeth II, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, the president of North Korea Kim Jong Un and others. Some of the other leaders are not so familiar and rather go for a more conventional look of how a certain type of leader from a specific part of the world would look. An Arabic leader with a big beard and a turban is there as well as an Israel head of state with glasses and the typical short hat. There is also a red-headed lady, certainly a member of a Western country with an expensive piece of jewelry necklace. The bonus symbol is the red phone, which as you might know conducts a direct line between Moscow and Washington. The wild symbol of the game is the posh, expensive stone incrusted British Crown and this game without doubt prioritizes the power of the British Royal family. Every now and then, the exceptionally nimble queen will pop up behind the reels and tell you something.

It's a game with an undoubtedly original look, the symbols of which are not only extremely entertaining to see but are also suitably profitable and can take part in different matching combinations. World Leaders Slots is a lot of fun and you don't have to be exceptionally knowledgeable in the present political situation to enjoy it; you just need to love gambling.