Arcade Fortunes Slots

Arcade games were popular in the Eighties, and to some extent, they still are today. However, you don't need to head out to find a real arcade to have some fun today. Instead, just load up this game and be taken back to the Eighties to enjoy some arcade fun.

You can choose to play the game as Jason or Katie, and the game will load depending on that initial choice. Let's explore the thrills in Arcade Fortunes today.

How many paylines and reels?

Arrows Edge developed this slot, and they have included 18 paylines over five reels.

Coin values in Arcade Fortunes

You can try anything from a cent per line up to $10 per line, making the total bet for all lines anything from 18 cents to $180.

Arcade Fortunes special icons

Bubblegum was popular in the 1980s, and here it appears - very appropriately - as a sticky wild. It won't appear on all the reels, instead restricting itself to the fifth one. However, when it shows up it pops, and it divides into anything from one to three pieces. These then remain where they land for three re-spins.

You will also see a scatter in the shape of a video machine. This has the word bonus on it and is connected to that feature.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

Three bonus icons will unlock a great feature for you to play. You get to choose which feature you wish to play, as well. The first one is called Skee Ball, while the second is called Galaxy Bonus. If you remember the Eighties, you might recognize how these games are played. But remember, the aim is always the same - to win whatever you can!

Be sure to download and play Arcade Fortunes for prizes today!

Arcade Fortunes is a delight to play, and it also has two progressive jackpots you can try and win as you enjoy the fun. You have the Super Slots Jackpot and the Mystery Jackpot, so it would be fun to scoop one of those.

Whether that happens or not, though, you can always enjoy some great experiences while playing Arcade Fortunes. The slot represents this decade very well, and is a great deal of fun. If you haven't tried it yet, now would be a great time to see whether it could be a fun addition to your favorites.