Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

Sugar Pop 2; Double Dipped Slots is the exciting sequel game by Betsoft that offers the players more features and more action and definitely a lot more to win. Players will love the colorful sweet symbols and that is before the spinning candies and colorful eggs appear on the screen. Apart from all of the base game features there is also a double up option offered at the end of any winning spin. This offers the player a choice of trying to double their winnings by guessing heads or tails on a coin when it comes to land. The player can continue with the double up feature for as long as he keeps winning but if he loses, then he loses all the amount for that spin.

How to Crush and Win

Lining up three of the same symbols next to each other, on top of each other or in a diagonal will pop the symbols and make room for new sweet symbols to fall into place. There are extra symbols that appear on the screen offering explosive bonuses whether it is the rainbow egg that spins and pops bubbles that subsequently pop other symbols or it is the fizzy sweets that emits bubbles or the shooting sweet cannon that shoots at symbols which explode and make way for more symbols to appear on the screen. The free spins icon is obvious to players and landing enough on the screen in different configurations will give the player incredible amounts of free spins, more than 500 can be won by lucky players. There are different levels to this game that seems very similar to the original candy crush saga but with one big difference and that is that players can place bets on the Sugar Pops and actually win money for crushing the right sweets.