Sensational Sixes Slots

July 19th is an important day for Rival players with the launch of the new Sensational Sixes slots game. This game is no ordinary three reel slots game. The game is set in Art Deco style and players will note the icons that light up when they land on the single payline. The symbols include bars, black spades, red hearts, blue diamonds and green clubs. Players can choose the coin size that best suits their budget and bet up to three coins per spin.

Special Wild Feature

The game is played as like any other three reel slots with the addition of an incredible wild feature. There are three different wild symbols each offering a different multiplier that includes 2x, 4x and 6x. If the player lands one of the wilds with two other like symbols he benefits from the multiplier for that win. Landing two of the multipliers benefits the player even more and landing all three multipliers on the payline awards the player the highest payout in the game giving players more reason to keep playing and enjoying this historical and delightful new slots game that is available on all platforms.