Pixiu Slots

Pixiu is an ancient dragon that looks like a lion and he is rather sweet looking too. He feeds on the good fortune of players and the more the player enjoys the game and wins the more he earns in the game. There are three reels and five paylines in this game that includes free spins and a special coin feature. Symbols in the game include the ancient Chinese coins with holes in them, a jade ring, a dragon, an eagle, a phoenix and Ace, King and Queen of the high value cards. Players may try out the game in fun mode before placing real money bets and when ready to place real money bets, the maximum bet allowed is $3 with players able to place up to 10 coins per line on each bet.

Increasing Winning Levels

This game is unique in that it has a special level system, the more the player enjoys the game the greater the level he achieves. Every 25 spins the player moves up a level until he reaches the fourth and top level of 76 spins and more. With each increasing level the player earns more payouts, bonuses and free spins. For example the free spins awards start with 10 free spins and work their way up to 25 free spin at the top level. A bonus round is triggered with the appearance of three of the old Chinese coins on the screen. In this case the player can win either free spins, a bonus payout or a chance to play the bonus round where he is invited to pick a coin out of four gold and four jade Chinese coins. Pixiu grows with every good selection and the game ends with a bad selection and the bonus amount is calculated. This game is cute and fun to play and gives players a new twist in an exciting three reel game that has increasing winning payouts.