Fire & Steel Slots

Fire & Steel Slots will remind players of the well loved Game of Thrones. In this game that has twenty paylines and five reels, 3D imagery fills the screen including gemstones, goblets, swords, books, helmets, shields and crows. Each symbol holds a different value and when landing in multiples on the screen offers the player handsome payouts. There are two wilds in the game and at the end of every winning spin the player can choose the double up feature that allows him to gamble half or all of his winnings by guessing heads or tails on a coin.

Fire And Brimstone – Betsoft

There are gaming engines, and then there is Betsoft. Betsoft continues to take your breath away with breathtakingly beautiful, five reel slot games, that are nothing short of graphical masterpieces. Fire And Steel sums up the majesty and the genius of Betsoft Gaming. Fire And Steel not only has pristine graphics, but it is highly interactive in nature. In fact, the two main characters hang out all through the reels. Another hallmark of Betsoft is their penchant for making games like Fire And Steel, with epic soundtracks. Together with the flash engine, Betsoft brings these wonders to life, either straight online via the web browser, or you can download them. The choice is yours.

Practice Makes Perfect

Get to know the phenom known as Fire And Steel. You can play some practice rounds of this gem of a slot to get to know it. While playing practice rounds, you won’t be able to win real money however, but you can see everything it has to offer.

An Epic Design

When Betsoft makes a game, they go all the way out. The same is true when it comes to Fire And Steel. It is easy to get caught up in the graphics and the display, but it is worth while to mention that Fire And Steel has all the gaming functions you need. For example, there is a spin button and auto play button should you decide to place your bets in advance.

Should you want to review the game icons and their values, all you have to do is press the pay table button and presto, all will be revealed to you. There are pay line arrows and coin size button to help you get your bet precisely right. You can play all 20 pay lines at a time, one of them, or anything in between. We mentioned that Fire And Steel comes with a cinematic, soundtrack. You can easily adjust this through the usage of the options button.

Getting The Bet Just Right

Again, Fire And Steel features pay line arrows and coin size buttons. The pay line arrows are there to help you get the precise number of pay lines per spin. Again, you can wager on all 20 at one time, or you can bet on anything in between, even a single one. The same is can be said for the coin size buttons. You can adjust the coin size buttons in increments of a nickel. The minimum starts at a penny.

Bring On The Pay Table

As we mentioned before, Fire And Steel has a lot going on. To help keep you on the straight and arrow, there is a pay table that will have all the game icons right in your view. While there are many magnificent icons, the swordsman and the shield man. Individually they will impact wins, but should you land them together, they will create a nice kind of chaos with beams shooting around the screen, all over the place.

The shield emblems and the crown, are also high value symbols. And after you win, you just might be able to double up your winnings. The wild symbols will payout different winning multipliers, depending on how many you land. The top multiplier is 500 times for getting five of them to land.

A Nice Return To Player

You win some. You lose some. Nobody likes to lose, but it does come with the territory, even with Fire And Steel. But, the more you wager, the more the return to player will work in your favor.

Become The Next Big Winner

Fire And Steel is available at many online casinos. The stage is set for you to become the next, great big winner. To help you in this endeavor, the online casino you are playing it at, is bound to have many promotions which are aimed at helping new members and established members alike, do it up big here. And when you win, you just might find your name in big headlines, displayed all throughout the casino.

Just Playing Around

Again, there is no rush to lay down a real bet when it comes to Fire And Steel. However, you can play for free and actually win real money, thanks to third party no deposit promotions and free spins. Check for third party promotions for these codes.

Playing For Real

And of course, when you are ready to play for real, that won’t be a problem at all. The online casino you are playing Fire And Steel at, will have many ways for you to make a deposit. The tried and true way remains credit and debit cards. When using these cards, you will first need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. You will need to prove residence and identification.

You might also be able to use Neteller and Skrill. You will need an email to setup an account with these services. You might even be able to use money transfer services and perhaps PayPal. But let’s not overlook the prospect of Bitcoin. Bitcoin continues to dominate as the world’s number one crypto currency. In order to use Bitcoin, you will need a valid Bitcoin wallet to handle your transactions. Once you’ve made your selections, the next step is to convert some funds into it, and you’re off to the races.

Playing On The Go

The world of sword and sorcery rages on, even in the palm of your hand. That’s right, Fire And Steel will work without any problems on the mobile device of your choice, and even on laptops. No need to create a new account, simply login and you’re back where you need to be.

War of the Wilds

The two wilds are the main characters of this game and they are represented by the Swordsman and the shieldmaiden. The swordsman when appearing on the screen sends a beam vertically up and down turning other symbols in its path wild. The shieldmaiden when appearing on the screen sends a beam horizontally right and left turning symbols wild. The wild substitutes for other symbols and makes up winning paylines. On its own it offers generous payouts with five of the wild symbols on screen awarding the player 500 coins, four award the player 150 coins and three award the player 40 coins. If the beams from the two wilds cross the player benefits and receives 10 free spins. This is in addition to the wild wins and the gamble feature that he can choose at the end of any winning spin.