Pirate's Paradise Slots

Pirates Paradise Slots is a classic slot game that has three reels and just one pay line. Pirates Paradise slot has more than 24 winning combinations. The game‘s coin values start at a quarter and go up to $25 per line. 2500 coins is the top jackpot associated with this slot game. You will need to get three Treasure Chest symbols on the center pay line to win it. The theme here is pirates at sail on the high seas. There are no Wilds or Scatters used here. Pirates Paradise slots can be downloaded for play and it can also be accessed in your web browser using the flash version.

Some of the symbols used in Pirates Paradise slots include the treasure chest, the Pirate flag, three Palm tree, two palm trees, one palm tree, a sea shell, and a pirate hat. If you are wagering the max wager of three coins and get three Treasure Chests, you take the top jackpot. Three Pirate Flag symbols takes 240 coins, and three sea shell symbols takes 30 coins. This can give you an idea of what’s at stake when you play the max number of coins.