Wheel of Plenty Slots

Does the title of this game make you want to find out more? It certainly made us want to learn all about it, and since it comes from the Microgaming stable, it is all the more reason to be keen to play the game.

How many reels and paylines can you find in Wheel of Plenty?

This is a standard online slot featuring one payline and just three reels.

How much or little could you bet?

There is a big range of bet amounts you can choose from here. For example you can get started for as little as a one-cent bet, while you could go all the way to a ten-dollar bet if you like. You can only wager a single coin on the payline though.

Does Wheel of Plenty have any special symbols?

No, but the game does have a Wheel of Plenty symbol. Get three of these and you will definitely appreciate your luck, as you will soon see. There are other elements here that are reminiscent of a regular casino slot machine though. These include nudge features and hold features too.

Is there a bonus round?

Remember we said you should watch for the Wheel of Plenty symbol? Get three of these and you will unlock the special bonus feature this game has in store. You don't often get bonus levels with a three-reel, one-payline slot, but you do here. You get to spin the wheel and see what you get. This could be a cash prize, free spins or some other options. You can choose to pass on the prize and spin again, but that prize will be deselected. In this case you could end up landing on it again and forfeiting your bonus round in the process, so be careful what you wish for!

Try Wheel of Plenty today!

For a 'simple' online slot game, Wheel of Plenty certainly does have plenty to offer. There is far more to this game than will at first meet the eye. Indeed, if you decide to give it a try you might find you spend longer playing it than you thought - simply because of all the extra features that have been built-in.

So why not try Wheel of Plenty today to see what you think - and to see what you might win too!