Pay Day Slots

Is pay day the best day of the month for you? We all like getting paid for the work we've done, of course, but here, we have a chance to see whether we could garner some cash a little sooner than our pay check would provide for.

Pay Day reveals a game that is simple yet appealing, and surely that is the key to a successful title. Let's find out.

How many paylines and reels?

The game gives you some massive reels to spin, and you will find three of them here.

Coin values in Pay Day

If you are familiar with WGS games, you might already have an idea of the values in use here. They range from a lowly cent on each line up to ten dollars. Since this game only offers one line, you can up your bet to play as many as three coins on that line, too.

Pay Day special icons

You probably won't be looking for a scatter symbol, but it would be good to find a wild, wouldn't it? You will here, and it appears as the game logo. Getting one or two in a winning line of some description is a good thing, and it will bring a x2 or x4 multiplier accordingly.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

No, there is no bonus of any sort included in Pay Day. However, the one thing you will be hoping for is a jackpot prize. This is adjusted depending on the number of coins you play. So, winning the jackpot with a single coin would bring an 800-coin prize in return. A two-coin bet increases this to 1,600 coins.

But if you decided to play three coins, you would win 2,500 coins as your jackpot prize. This is better pro rata than the one- and two-coin options.

Be sure to download and play Pay Day for prizes today!

Just because a slot game is simple, it doesn't mean it isn't worth playing. As you can see, this game has plenty on offer, and the large reels are a pleasant surprise as you get ready to give it a try. It may not bring your own payday forward any, but there are prizes that would be worth winning if you got lucky.

Maybe the online Payday slot is worth a try, so we hope you do that today.