Turkey Time Slots

If you have tried this slot before, you will know the turkey theme is used here to good effect. It’s obvious Vegas Technology, the software developer who created this slot, won’t want it to be called a turkey, so they’ve done everything they can to create a game you will love.

We think they have done well, especially since it is good fun and based on a traditional layout, as you’re about to see.

How many paylines and reels?

A traditional game to us means it has three spinning reels and only one payline, so that is what you will find here.

Coin values in Turkey Time

You can start here with just a penny on the line. The next step is to up that bet to play three coins on the line, or just two if you prefer. Finally, there are other coins to be used too, meaning the biggest bet is $10 on the line, or $30 for three coins.

Turkey Time special icons

The game is based on Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, and you’ll see the pilgrim’s black hat making an appearance, too. This holds the key to the biggest prizes, which depend on the coins you bet on the line. For example, one coin bringing three black hats onto the line wins 800 coins. If you bet two, you’ll win 1,600 coins for this arrangement, and three wins 2,400 coins.

But the black hat isn’t just good for line prizes on its own. It is a substitute, too, so that means you could win other prizes with a black hat to support them. If one substitute helps you form a winning combo, you’ll receive double your usual winning amount.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

This is Turkey Time, and we haven’t seen a turkey yet, so you could guess – correctly, as things turn out – that the game offers you a bonus.

If you find just one turkey on your payline, you head on to see the second screen bonus feature. This gives you four symbols and you merely need to pick one to find out the value of your prize.

Be sure to download and play Turkey Time for prizes today!

Turkey Time has a lot of perks considering its basic nature. We think that makes it a winner, and hopefully it will be a winner for you as well. Why not see if we’re right?