Liberty 7's Slots

Some slot games reveal everything they can offer in their title. Not so here, though, as you don't get any clues to what might be in store for you in the game. We won't reveal too much here either, as we want to keep you guessing for a while yet!

The game is beautifully simple and nicely designed, too, which means you have every reason to play Liberty 7s today.

How many paylines and reels?

The game was created by WGS Technology, and is one of their three-reel games featuring only one line in action with each spin.

Coin values in Liberty 7s

Despite the fact we have just one line, WGS Technology has used the standard range of coins you will find in many of their other games as well. This goes from one cent all the way up to $10 a time.

Liberty 7s special icons

You wouldn't expect to see a scatter symbol here, mainly because three-reel titles don't often have them (there's no room). But would you be surprised if we told you there wasn't a wild, either?

The theme for the game is about American liberty, and thus the colors red, white and blue feature heavily as well. You will see lucky 7s appearing on the reels, and these come in those three colors. You can win prizes for three 7s of various kinds, but the best one is paid out to those who get three 7s of red, white and blue in that precise order.

This is where you see the benefit of playing three coins for each spin as opposed to one or two. This is because three coins would win a 10,000-coin jackpot. Play two coins and get that combination, and you'd win 4,800 coins, contrasting with 2,400 coins won on a single-coin bet.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

No, there is nothing of that sort included in this game.

Be sure to download and play Liberty 7s for prizes today!

If you love playing classic slots, this is the game for you. Liberty 7s is a superb game and one that features lots of perks. It concentrates the focus, too, because you will have lots of appeal and fun to look forward to as you play. You will be searching for those sevens, and hoping you get a red, white and blue combination to pay out for you!