Crazy Cherry Slots

Crazy Cherry Slots

Any mention of cherries immediately makes us think of classic slot games. These are the one-armed bandit-style machines that are made with three reels in play and provide only one line for us to play on.

While you see these in the casinos, you see them online too. So, will the Crazy Cherry slot from Wager Gaming provide just this kind of game, or does it have something else to offer?

How many paylines and reels?

Well, we were right about the format we guessed at above. You have three reels and a single line to bet on when you play each spin.

Coin values in Crazy Cherry

Wager Gaming usually brings in its favored coin set whenever it creates a slot game. They've used it here, with anything from a penny to $10 playable on the line. You also have the advantage of choosing as many as five coins to play on the line.

Crazy Cherry special icons

Since this game only has one line, there is no room to shoehorn in a scatter icon. You do get a wild, though, and this is the one special icon in play. Spot the logo for the game, because this is how the wild is presented to you. If you find one, you win something - it's as simple as that!

Looking at the paytable reveals more information about the wild - namely, that it is the biggest payer if you get three on the payline. If you manage to achieve this, you will win the game's jackpot. The amount won is dependent on the coins played. Suffice to say you get 1,000 coins per coin you played, meaning the top amount is a huge 5,000 coins.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

You probably won't be too disappointed to learn this game doesn't have a bonus feature. That's because it is a simply-formatted game and has no bonuses of any kind.

Be sure to download and play Crazy Cherry for prizes today!

Despite the lack of bonuses or special elements included in Crazy Cherry, the game will still appeal to the purists who like to play games that are very basic. If you love the feeling of playing a game you might find in a casino, this could be the best game to try. And since you can play free and for fun as well, you can try it first.