Bingo Bango Boom Slots

Bingo Bango Boom - well it's an unusual title, but does this online slot from Microgaming pack a punch when it comes to a good gaming experience?

You can't miss the game screen when it pops up. It's bright yellow with hints of blue and other colors too, so it is very bright indeed. Everything is easy to see and understand though, especially after a couple of spins. We've outlined the main points for you here too.

How many reels and paylines does the game have?

This is a three-reel, single-payline experience - but it's a little different from what you might expect.

What are your minimum and maximum betting amounts?

As is the case with similar online slots of this type, the smallest bet amount is ten cents, while the highest is ten dollars. As such you might appreciate this slot no matter what your budget happens to consist of.

Does Bingo Bango Boom have any special symbols?

No - you won't find any scatters or wilds in this game. However there are plenty of great symbols to watch out for that are traditional to this type of game. These include 7s, fruit and jackpot symbols. The latter could win you 500x your bet amount if you get three on the payline.

Can you expect a bonus level?

There is a bonus round, yes. As you spin the reels you will see numbers popping up every now and then. These help you along the bingo ball number trail. Once you reach number eight (or higher) you can trigger this feature.

You'll get to play a bingo game during this feature, which is actually comprised of eight features. You could win nudges, a full house, cash bingo and many more options too. You never know what you will come out with after playing the bonus level, which makes it that bit more exciting to try.

Enjoy Bingo Bango Boom slots today!

We liked this game because it is reminiscent of traditional slot machines, especially with the nudges and additional features like that. However, with the bonus game built into it as well, we think Bingo Bango Boom slots are well worth a closer look. Even if you don't usually play single-payline games like this one, you might just like what you see here!

Why not download it and give it a try now?