Fruit Bingo Slots

If you fancy a chance at winning some prizes on a more traditional online slot game, try Fruit Bingo for size. You'll feel as if you are sitting in front of a real casino slot machine, and there are some very good reasons for that, as you're about to see.

How many reels and paylines can you expect to see?

This is a classic game so you can expect just one payline and three reels in total here.

How much or little could you bet on this online slots game?

It's easy to remember the parameters here - they run between ten cents and ten dollars. This is quite a normal selection to have when you want to bet on just one payline.

Does Fruit Bingo slots have any special symbols?

No - there are no wilds or scatters in this game. However you should watch out for a star, because this symbol has the potential to trigger a win worth 500x your original wager. In order for this to happen, you would need to get three stars across the single payline.

Can you look forward to triggering a bonus round?

You'd think the answer would be no here. But that would be wrong. Microgaming has built bonus rounds into other traditional three-reel, single-payline slots before, and they have done it again here as well.

The bonus level is called - surprise - Fruit Bingo. You can sit back and watch the game begin after you get three of the Fruit Bingo symbols appearing across the payline. The idea is the reels spin by themselves and lots of fruit will appear. You will see various fruit above the reels and every time they appear on the reels, they will fill the part above. The first fruit to be completed by the spins will win you the amount indicated next to that fruit. It sounds complex but really it is very easy to watch, to see which prize you might be able to win.

Play Fruit Bingo slots today!

If you want to play something with far fewer paylines than many of the online slots games out there today, you will love Fruit Bingo. The bingo theme is quite good too, and there are other more traditional features such as nudges and holds to watch out for as well.

In fact, why not try Fruit Bingo yourself now to see what it's like?