Wheel of Chance 5 reel Slots

If someone told you they had a wheel of chance, and you had an opportunity to take it for a spin, so to speak, what would you do? We're guessing you'd do just that.

So, if we told you Vegas Technology had created a Wheel of Chance slot - a five-reel version as a sequel to their three-reel one - we're guessing you'd give it a try. Shall we find out why?

How many paylines and reels?

No prizes for saying it has five reels, but this slot also features 20 lines - 19 more than the original game.

Coin values in Wheel of Chance 5-reel

You can bet the same amounts you did originally, since you have the same coins in play here. These move up from the single-cent small coin to a ten-dollar max amount per line.

Wheel of Chance 5-reel special icons

If you played the three-reel version of the game, you'll remember a diamond being used as the wild. The same applies here as well, which makes life easier. There are two icons that cannot be replaced by this one, and these are both wheels. Wouldn't you just know it?

Oh, and if you manage to find five diamonds all lined up looking pretty on one line, and you placed a bet on that same line, you'll win 8,000 coins for your troubles.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

The regular wheel in this Wheel of Chance slot delivers 10 free spins if you can locate three anywhere in a spin. These spins bring bigger prizes thanks to the x3 multiplier they have kindly provided. And if you find another three, well… you have another 10 free games to look forward to as well.

But the colorful wheel is the best one to get, since this is the bonus wheel. Finding one on the second reel with another on the fourth brings you into the bonus feature. The original game allowed you to spin the Wheel of Chance, and the same happens here. Prizes are given in dollars, and you win whatever the needle indicates when it stops. Bigger prizes might be won instead on a second spin… or you could lose out, so be careful.

Be sure to download and play Wheel of Chance 5-reel for prizes today!

Is this better than the original? How about just as good, but in a different way? Play both to decide today!