Jurassic Slots

If a game takes you back to the Jurassic period of history, what would you expect to find there? If you have watched a few movies in recent years, you are probably expecting to meet a few dinosaurs… and you would be right in that assessment, because that is exactly where the Jurassic slot game takes you.

But will the dinosaurs be a help or a hindrance? Will you be ready to meet them head-on and defeat them, or could they offer a chance to win you some prizes?

How many paylines and reels?

You will no doubt recognize the format used here, seeing as it has five reels and 25 lines in play.

Coin values in Jurassic Slots

There is a coin here to appeal to every player, we reckon. That's because they go from a tiny one cent per line all the way to reach a huge $10 per line.

Jurassic Slots special icons

If we told you the wild was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, would you believe us? We reckon you would, and that's exactly the case here. You can also find a symbol in the shape of a jungle, and when this happens, you have located the scatter. Three or more will secure you a scatter win.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

Yes, and this requires a third symbol to be located. You must get a minimum of three dinosaur egg icons to get through to the bonus. The round features three levels, which keeps things interesting. Firstly, you go to a lab where nine areas are selected. Pick one to get a prize. After this, you go to Jurassic island. Once you are there, five areas are targeted and one must be chosen to reveal another prize.

Finally, you will be presented with a barrier that is locked. If you can choose the right lock from the three presented to you, you'll win access to another round. If you can get this far, you get the choice to either take your winnings thus far and run, or exchange them for a card to access a locked container. Will there be a bigger or smaller prize in there if you do?

Be sure to download and play Jurassic Slots for prizes today!

There may not be any free spins here, but we think there is enough on offer in Jurassic Slots to give you a great time.