Billion Dollar Gran Slots

Many people might ask why you'd want to play a basic slot game online when there are so many more complex and thrilling ones you could try. Well, if you try Billion Dollar Gran you might change your mind about the more basic games! We thought this game from Microgaming was well worth a shot at playing. Will you think the same?

How many reels and paylines does the game have?

This is a three-reel, single-payline slot game.

What are your minimum and maximum betting amounts?

You can start spinning at ten cents on the line, and go up to ten dollars if you have a bigger budget and a thrill for trying something a little more daring.

Does Billion Dollar Gran have any special symbols?

Every symbol is special in this game! You don't win any line prizes here - instead if you get a good combo you will get a number of so-called WinSpins. These are indicated on the right of the game screen (the very colorful game screen, we should say!).

You could win up to 25 WinSpins, and these can get you some great prizes. If you get three bowls on the payline you can enter another level.

Can you expect a bonus level?

Yes you can, and this might come as a surprise in such a basic game. Although as you can see, this game isn't quite as basic as the 3-reel, 1-payline layout might have you believe. The bonus is the Bowling Green game. If you get lucky you could win a x2,000 bet multiplier, which could add up to a stunning prize for you.

Enjoy Billion Dollar Gran today!

This game is rather different from anything you might have expected at first glance. Microgaming has come up with something rather special for a single-payline game here. It's good to see they are being innovative and trying something new. We think the more people find this game and give it a try, the more popular it will get.

It may never replace the five-reel, multi-payline 3D slots that are all the rage now, but it will certainly give more people something to think about when it comes to playing the more traditional online slots games. This will take you back to traditional slots in casinos, and yet it has an edge we think you'll like too.