Wheel of Chance 3 reel Slots

A wheel of chance sounds curiously appealing, doesn't it? Yes, we thought so too, and even though this game only brings three reels with it, it manages to provide an engaging experience many slot players will appreciate.

In fact, even if you don't usually play three-reel games, we'd encourage you to try this one before you dismiss it. You might be glad you did, especially when you see what it holds in store…

How many paylines and reels?

This is the most basic format for a slot game, with three reels to play on and only a single payline.

Coin values in Wheel of Chance 3-reel

WGS Technology is the brains behind this game, so that means you can expect their usual wide range of coins. This begins at the one-cent coin and move up to a top-dollar amount of $10 per coin. The slot also allows up to three coins to be played with each spin.

Wheel of Chance 3-reel special icons

We haven't mentioned diamonds yet, but the sparkling gem is used as the substitute symbol in the game. This has a varying multiplier depending on whether one or two appear in a line that brings you a prize. One represents a 2x multiplier and two bring you the advantage of a 4x multiplier.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

Yes, you can. Are you surprised? Many people are because this is a three-reel slot and most of these don't worry about including the bonus part of the game.

That's not true of this one, though, where the Wheel of Chance itself appears. To get through to this part of the game, you must find the Wheel of Chance on your payline in the base game. Once this is done, the wheel appears for you to spin.

The best part is you're guaranteed a 5x multiplier on the triggering bet you played when the wheel appeared. But it could be much higher, too… even as high as 1,000x your bet! If you want to go for more after the prize appears, you can spin again, but the winning amount you rejected goes blank and you must make sure you don't land on it a second time. If that happens, you lose and win nothing from the bonus.

Be sure to download and play Wheel of Chance 3-reel for prizes today!

Will you take the game spinning towards a big prize? Play today to find out!