Livin' the Life Slots

Livin' the Life is a slot game based on a luxurious way of life. It has all the trappings you might expect to get if you were able to live that lifestyle and enjoy it to its fullest.

There may not be an opportunity to become rich playing this game, but you might still win some decent prizes if luck falls in your favor. Why not give it a shot and find out if that could be the case for you today?

How many paylines and reels?

This game comes packed with 40 win lines, which means you get that many chances to win every time you spin the five reels - providing, of course, you bet on them all.

Coin values in Livin' the Life

Coin values begin at one cent apiece, meaning you can bet 40 cents on a single spin. There is also a selection of higher-valued coins going up to five dollars a time.

Livin' the Life special icons

You will see a woman gazing into a mirror in this game, and she is your scatter icon. She won't appear on every reel, though - only the second and fourth ones. And as for the wild… well, there isn't one. That was a surprise.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

Watch for the money wheel, because this can crop up on any odd-numbered reel in the game. If it should appear on reels one, three and five at the same time, you can spin the money wheel itself. This brings you the opportunity to win a prize worth up to 1,000x your triggering bet.

But that isn't all you can look forward to. There is another type of wheel too, appropriately called the bonus wheel. If this should appear on first, third and fifth reels, it can award you with free spins or perhaps even a cash award. If you get the money wheel option in play when you spin, it leads to yet another bonus!

Be sure to download and play Livin' the Life for prizes today!

Bonuses are many and varied in this game, and they are probably one of the main reasons for playing it. But we think it's a great title anyway, with lots of potential to bring home some rich prizes for you. Give it a try and see whether you agree with us!