Great New Slot Games Added to Bodog Casino

Bodog Casino

The Bodog casinois one of the hottest casinos online today. One of the reasons why it has become such a popular casino is that it is big on adding new games into the mix on a regular basis.

These are easy to spot, too. When you check out their latest collection of games, the new ones are marked as such. This makes it easy to scroll through the list of titles on the site to find anything you may not have seen before.

Look for the flash

Every new game on the site has a flash (or slash, if you prefer) across the top left corner of the title card on the website. This simply says 'new game' and it makes it clear which games have recently been added to the website. You can go through each type of game to find the ones you want to play that you haven't seen before.

What are the latest games to be added to Bodog?

One of the most recent additions is called Bulletproof Babes. This is based on Manga animations and features several Bulletproof Babes who form part of the game. You'll see the various elemental characters as symbols on the reels, and the more you play, the more you will get the hang of the special features it has to share with you.

Cirque du Slots is another new addition to the site. This game features a circus, as you'd expect, not to mention a great intro to check out before the game even begins. The game is split into three acts as well, each of which have different features with regards to the wild symbol. Be sure to check out this new game at Bodog to see what you think.

Which new games will you play?

There are always new games being researched and added to the site. If you are a regular visitor, you may not see something new every time you pay the site a visit. However, you are sure to see new slot games - not to mention other games - on a fairly regular basis.

Make sure you check out Bodog casino today, so you can see why so many other players regularly go there. If you're not a member of the site yet, why not join now? Alternatively, check out the new games in practice play mode to see how good they are before you bet for real.