Bollywood Story Slots Game

Bollywood Story is one of the newest NetEnt video slots and it is very unique. There are five reels and nine pay lines in Bollywood Story. Bonus features include floating wilds, Free Spins and scatter symbols. During the main game, a 10000 coin jackpot is up for grabs. The coin values go from a penny to one dollar.

This slot game truly does tell a story about the prince and his princess, the love between a stunning young woman and a good-looking young man, but the young woman’s evil step-mother has other plans for which man her step-daughter will marry. The step-mother wants her step daughter to marry a revolting rich older man as this will allow her to continue to live the life to which she has become accustomed. But, it is you that will create the final destiny of the young lovers.

Bollywood Story brings new meaning to wild symbols and uses floating wilds instead. In every spin you will find wilds randomly appear all over the reels. These float above other symbols and turn them wilds at the end of every spin, opening up huge paying combinations. Scatter symbols can payout no matter where they appear. Three or more scatter symbols on the reels trigger the bonus round and the free spins. You can get 10-30 free spins, depending on the amount of scatters appearing on the reels. During the free spins the floating wilds will appear 3 to 6 times with every spin.