Bitcoin Cash/BCH

With so many different crypto currencies emerging in the marketplace it can be quite confusing for players who don't really understand what all the excitement is about. The Bitcoin is the original virtual currency that was devised over a decade ago by a brilliant Japanese programmer/economist. The idea of the Bitcoin is that it is mined from the computer and is made up of hundreds and sometimes thousands of different algorithms. The algorithms and developed using block chains and these can be huge. The size of the block chains directly affects the time it takes to mine the coins and up until last year it was only possible to mine these in full.

The Hard Fork of Bitcoin Cash

Last August a hard fork of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash was developed. This is a new block chain that allows for an increase in the number of transactions using Bitcoin and therefore does not take as much time or memory on the computer as the original Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash that uses the letters BCH as identification is quicker and easier to use than the original Bitcoin. The player still needs a wallet in place in order to hold the Bitcoin cash but he can hold parts of one coin that are transacted at a much quicker rate than the original Bitcoins and therefore the new Bitcoin cash is much more user friendly and also opens Bitcoin to the wider community and allows for more traders. Bitcoin cash is as secure and easy to use as the original Bitcoin and in some ways is better because of the smaller sizes involved. So far , since its launch in August of 2017, Bitcoin cash has been accepted and used all over the world proving the need for this simplified version and the potential that it offers. It can be used for placing bets at online casinos and it can be used for trading at online stores and merchant services all over the world. BCH is the way forward in Crypto currency trading.