The Zombies: A Review of Amaya Gaming's Latest

Amaya slot games tend to get overlooked, yet they all offer colorful graphics, whimsical themes, and generous payouts. Amaya just released its newest online slot, and this one is proving to wow players from around the world. The main characters in The Zombies slots are a family of zombies. There is the mother and father, daughter and son, and they all have important parts in this bonus slot game.

Start with the funky music. It definitely gets your toes tapping. Bets start at a penny, so there is little risk if you try to avoid large wagers. There are 50 paylines and you can bet up to 5 coins per payline, so a maximum bet is 250 coins.

Easy Play vs. Power Play

Once you've decided how much to wager, decide if you want Easy Play or Power Play. With Easy Play, the female zombies appear on the side of the screen. Winning paylines run from right to left and come often. Choosing Power Play brings the men onto the screen, and the winning paylines now run from left to right. Winning paylines appear less frequently in the Power Play version, but when they do, the winnings are substantial.

The Zombies Payouts

Symbols in The Zombies slots depend on whether you choose Easy Play or Power Play. In both game modes, the son and daughter zombie are worth 10 to 375 coins. The rest of the symbols change. In the Easy Play mode, symbols include a mailbox, newspaper, daisies, garbage cans, and the mom zombie.

In the Power Play mode, the mailbox is now filled with mail, the newspaper is torn in half, the daisies are in pieces, there is garage everywhere, and then there is the dad. The highest possible payout for both modes is 2,500 coins. When there is a winning payline, the symbols become animated.

Bonus Features with The Zombies Slots

When you get three or more Zombie Dance Party scatters, you win 10 free games. During these free games, you can accumulate more free spins by getting another three or more scatters. During these free spins, if a mom or dad zombie appears with the bad zombie, you win a multiplier worth up to 4x.

The Zombies bonus game starts when a bad zombie and a parent appear on adjacent reels. When this happens, you choose a weapon and begin battling the bad zombies. You get three chances and once the zombie battle is over, you can win up to 50 times your bet. If you lose, you get a consolation prize of 9 times your bet.