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With so many themes and genres used in slot games today, perhaps the one that has consistently ramped up its themes, along with its symbols, is Halloween Slots. Based upon TV and movies showcasing more of the scarier genres of today, such as the Walking Dead, it wasn’t that long ago that Buffy: The Vampire Slayer was the number one hit TV show; followed by Angel, Vampire Diaries, and more. Of course, the earlier and just as well-known “fright-night” movies consisted of Dracula and Frankenstein. It seems appropriate, then, that software companies are incorporating the best of these themes to design new and exciting Halloween Slots guaranteed to entertain all slot players. With this in mind, we are listing below all the Halloween Slots, both new and old, that have captured the attention of most slot players. We invite you to play them at our recommended casinos.

It is that Halloween Time of Year

Halloween takes place on 31st October every year and there is always a huge buildup towards that date with everyone getting very exciting and working on their Halloween costumes and also making some easy Halloween treats. Today Halloween is celebrated with people dressing up in the streets and knocking on doors asking for a trick or treat but the real origin of Halloween is the night of death. The Halloween origin states that many people were killed on that night from the attack of witches and warlocks, vampires such as Michael Meyers and others.


Enjoying the Halloween Spirit

The Halloween spirit today is one of celebration and fun with people dressing up in the most unusual ways spending lots of money at the costume stores. The Halloween history is often forgotten with the celebration of the day. At the online casinos Halloween themes are available all year round but in particular in the run up to Halloween there are more promotions and special offers on these games, highlighting them. Slots games such as Halloween with the five reels and twenty paylines are extremely popular as players watch spiders and cats creep across the screens while trying to win 10 free spins or one of the two wilds appearing in winning paylines. There are many different Halloween themed slots including Bubble Bubble with the sexy witch or Grave Grabbers that includes animated grave thieves. The different bonuses and promotions associated with Halloween time of year are also in the spirit of halloween offering match up bonuses, competitions, and all sorts of exciting promotions that all relate to the time of year and the theme of Halloween.Each promotion is different and special and the player must read all of the details of each promotion to make sure he knows what he is taking on and that he gets the most out of the promotion.

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