Super 6 Slots Review

Perhaps fueled by the success of their other Asian-themed slots like God of Wealth and Lucky 8, Realtime Gaming is releasing a slot called Super 6 . As the name suggests, one defining characteristic of this game is that it has 6 reels. It's also one of RTG's best-designed games, featuring stunning 3D symbols and a pleasant Asian garden theme in the background. Now that we've covered the introduction, let's dive further into the details.

Grouped Wilds and 729 Payline Combinations

Coins form grouped wilds and double any winning combinations that they appear in. Speaking of winning combos, you'll be seeing a lot of them because this game features 729 ways to win. Winning paylines are formed by symbols on adjacent reels from left to right as well as from right to left.

SUPER 6 Scatter

Features are triggered when you get 4 or more scatter symbols, and 5 or 6 scatters awards you with free games. If you land features with scatters on the same row, you could be looking at some huge payouts through Mega Grouped Wilds, a 5x multiplier and extra wild symbols.

Assuming you can spell "SUPER 6" across the 6 reels, you'll earn the game's top scatter reward of 10,000x your triggering bet.

Theme and Symbols

Super 6 slots doesn't feature an immediately clear theme, but rather just a blend of Asian culture. The symbols reflect this because you'll see fans, scrolls, oriental envelopes, lanterns, dragons, lotus flowers and Koi carp. As mentioned before, the background is that of an Asian garden, complete with oriental fencing, a pond and small Chinese temples. The atmosphere is topped off by the various Asian music sounds you'll hear while playing this game.

Super 6 Comparisons

The closest RTG slot that Super 6 compares to is God of Wealth, which also features a tranquil scene in the background. The graphics on both slots are pretty impressive, although we'd have to give the edge to the newer Super 6. We also like the fact that you don't hear annoying chanting music in the background while playing Super 6, as opposed to God of Wealth.

Milder comparisons can be made to the much-older Lucky 8 slot. This game features more of a war angle that's obvious from the soldiers on the reels. Given that Lucky 8 was designed years before Super 6, it's not quite as packed with animations and special features.

Overall, Super 6 is a very good game that has excellent graphics and a lighthearted theme. You should especially appreciate the 729 payline combinations, which will see you win pretty frequently.