Megaquarium Slots

Ever since Robert Warrington developed the first modern aquarium in the 19th century, aquariums have only gotten bigger and better. Megaquarium slots takes off on this concept by featuring a giant tank filled with exotic fish. And some of these fish can mean big prizes and bonuses for you.

Is it worth diving into the Megaquarium to find these slots features? Find out as we review this game's graphics, atmosphere, betting options, and special features.

Graphics and Atmosphere

The best aspects of Megaquarium are no doubt the 3D graphics and atmosphere. Regarding the latter, you'll see what looks like real ocean life, as schools of fish swim through the coral and kelp-filled waters.

As for symbols, you'll see a clown fish (wild), Free Games fish, hermit crab, black-and-white fish, coral, lobster, sunken treasure, and a No Fishing sign.

The clown fish is key because it not only substitutes to form winning payouts, but also doubles any win that it helps form. The only catch is that the clown fish only appears in reels 2 and 4.

One thing you'll notice with the symbols is that each one features stellar design, which really brings this underwater adventure to life.

Format and Betting

Megaquarium is a 5-reel, 50-line slot that allows you to play every line for $0.50 a spin. When we played this game, it had a high hit frequency during our session, meaning you can use all 50 lines and maintain your bankroll.

All regular payouts must form from left to right, starting with the first reel. The one exception is the Free Games symbol, which can trigger the bonus from anywhere.

Megaquarium Special Features

Appearing on reels 1 and 5, the Free Games symbol triggers free spins whenever it lands on the reels 3 or more times. You receive 7 free games, and all prizes during this round are doubled. Also note that if you form wins with the clown fish wild, you'll receive a 4x multiplier on your payout.

What's exciting is that the free games offer Bonus Symbols on the last spin that can extend your play into Bonus Games, Super Games, and Mega Games. Each bonus round features its own special bonuses, increased multipliers, big instant prizes, and wild reels.

Play Megaquarium Slots on Your Smartphone

Carry this virtual aquarium in your pocket and play it any time because Megaquarium is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.

In summary, Megaquarium slots features sharp graphics and an atmosphere that truly makes you feel like you're staring into a giant tank. And the bonuses offer more than meets the eye since free spins can lead to three more bonuses. That said, if you've always been fascinated by sea life and/or going to the aquarium, then you'll appreciate this slot.