Jumbo Joker Slots

Jumbo Joker Slots
If you like the look and appeal of a smaller slot game, Jumbo Joker should be thought of as a step ahead of that. Are you going to like what you see here? You shouldn’t expect anything you’ve seen before, that’s for sure. There are a few good elements packed into this game, so let’s unpack it to see what is in store.

An intro to Jumbo Joker slots

This is a big slot with plenty of character. Of course, you can expect to see the joker himself cropping up occasionally too. There are links to a classic slot idea here, but this one has way more on offer than that.

The name of the software developer is…

Betsoft. They are better known for 3D slots packed with features, so does Jumbo Joker adopt some of those elements too?

There is a demo you can try if you wish

We would recommend you do so as well. That’s because the game is very different from anything we’ve tried before. We found it easier to understand how it works once we’d played the demo. It doesn’t risk your budget either.

What theme is used here?

A quick glance at the reels reveals a selection of tasty fruit. You also get the traditional bells and some sevens. The joker is also present. While the slot uses many traditional features, it doesn’t look like a slot machine. There’s no handle at the side, for example.

Design considerations

Everything is laid out in a logical manner. The paylines (yes, there’s more than one) are arranged neatly and appear to light up periodically. There are glowing parts of the paytable too on occasion. There is nothing unusual about the design, but they’ve gone for something more modern as opposed to the traditional one-armed bandit look.

Jumbo Joker: Basic game elements

There are three reels in the game, but there are two sets of reels. The main set you begin playing on is at the bottom of the screen, while the second set is slightly smaller and sits above this.

You don’t get a wild icon or any other special icon here. The one exception is the Jumbo Joker himself, who is used as the jackpot icon.

How many paylines can you wager on?

Each set of reels contains five paylines.

Choosing your bets

Firstly, select your ideal coin by using the plus and minus red circular controls either side of the coin value. As the game begins, the amount is shown as 10 cents, but you can take this all the way down to just a cent. You could also take it up to a dollar if you wish.

You can also bet either one coin or 10 coins per spin.

How easy is it to understand the paytable?

Since this is a small game, the paytable appears on the same screen as the reels. If you choose a one-coin wager, the one-coin paytable lights up. Choose 10 coins and that paytable lights up instead. It makes it easier to see what’s what. Only the bottom set of reels lights up to start with.

Any bonus worth looking at?

Jumbo Joker does feature an interesting element involving that top set of reels. The idea is that you get the option to play the upper set whenever you scoop a prize of 20 or more coins on the bottom set of reels. You can either collect whatever you’ve won or risk it by spinning the upper reels. These have their own paytables as shown on the screen. Again, the relevant paytable lights up when you get this far.

A maximum of 15 spins can be played on the upper reels. If you lose, you return to the bottom set. If you win, you get another spin. The good thing is you can see there are different – and bigger – prizes to watch out for on the other reels.

Any free spins to play?

No, Jumbo Joker doesn’t use any of these.

RTP information for Jumbo Joker

It looks as though the return to player percentage is around 95% for this game.

Do we rate this as a good slot to play?

This slot is aimed at players who enjoy three-reel games with something extra to offer. It won’t suit everyone, but we liked the chance to risk your winnings to play the other reels. However, if you want to claim everything you get from the bottom reels, it makes the upper set of reels redundant. We think this is a 7 out of 10 slot, but would you agree?

Plenty of prizes to go for

The paytables in action in this slot tell you what the potential prizes could be. Up to 2,000 credits could be secured from a single fortunate spin if you are on the right paytable. Could you get that far?

Play the demo to get things underway

It’s always important to consider what your budget is before you play a game. It’s also vital to understand how a game works. If you want to give Jumbo Joker a try, we recommend trying the practice version first.

Play for real today at Betsoft casinos online

There are lots of online casinos adopting a selection of Betsoft games to try. You can find Jumbo Joker at several of those. Perhaps you can try the demo there or go for a free chip to play a few spins without risking any of your budget.

Can you play this video slot on mobile devices?

Yes, if the casino you find to play it at has a mobile version, you should find Jumbo Joker is available there as well.