Thanksgiving Bonuses and Slots

Thanksgiving is a fabulous holiday celebrated in America, Canada and a number of Caribbean islands. The real reason why we celebrate thanksgiving is often overlooked. It started out as a religious festival but over the years it has become a secular holiday with everyone taking part. It is a time for families to get together entertaining and using the best thanksgiving recipes to make exquisite thanksgiving meal offerings and a time for rejoicing and enjoying the good that is in everyone. The real reason behind Thanksgiving dates back to 1621 when the pilgrims celebrated the harvest from the previous crop. Thanks to the harvest they were able to live and eat. The years before that had not been good. Over the years the celebrations for Thanksgiving have changed and been adapted with less and less religious services and more public fun activities and family gatherings. In America Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November so there is never a question what date is thanksgiving 2018 or thanksgiving 2019, and for many it is the start of the holiday period. Everyone is in a good mood and everyone is happy, it is a glorious feeling and atmosphere all over the country.

Thanksgiving Bonuses

At the online casino, the thanksgiving traditions are respected and also added to with a whole selection of great bonuses and special offers that have been designed especially for the Thanksgiving period. There are competitions with cashback offers and special prizes. There are leader boards that players can work their way up for the whole week of Thanksgiving and there are deposit bonuses. Every year the casino offers new and exciting bonuses that help us celebrate thanksgiving and enjoy the thanksgiving meal even more. From about two weeks before thanksgiving the player can check on the promotions at the casino and see the updates and learn about the new promotions that are being introduced for that season. Since thanksgiving always falls in the Fall season the thanksgiving promotions have a certain feel to them, colored in the beautiful reds and browns of the Fall colors.

Thanksgiving Slots

In keeping with the time of year and the celebrations that are planned for this time of year, casinos also start to promote the thanksgiving slots. There are many different slots games with thanksgiving themes that include thanksgiving foods, thanksgiving traditions and even side dishes for thanksgiving. Players can find turkeys and cranberry sauce as symbols in these slots or pilgrims and their wives, churches where these religious people used to pray and gorgeous flowers to represent the good harvest that the pilgrims are thankful for. Each slot game offers something different and includes colorful symbols that draw the player into the theme with many different thanksgiving ideas being used. The games can be previewed online before the player starts playing them for real money and the games may include free spins, scatters, bonus games on and off screen and wild wins. Players at the casino will love the thanksgiving theme that just oozes good times and the holiday season.