Cash Grab Slots

Cash Grab Slots

When we came across this slot game and noticed the title, we had to find out more. After all, when you discover a game that seems to indicate the chance to grab some cash, why wouldn't you investigate further?

We discovered the game hails from WGS, which is a good place to begin. Moreover, it is a classic, and we think this is true in more than one way.

How many paylines and reels?

Don't expect plenty of reels and lines here. Instead, you get three reels and a single line to bet on.

Coin values in Cash Grab

While you only have a single line, you have plenty of coins to bet on it. You can bet up to three per spin, for example, and each coin can be worth between a cent and $10.

Cash Grab special icons

Some basic slots have the paytable on the screen, but that doesn't apply here. You must click on the link to see it. This reveals you have the Cash Grab logo as a substitute icon. This has two multipliers that could come into play.

The first is worth x2, and occurs when you get a winning three-icon combo with a wild involved. The second is worth x4, and is used when your winning line has two wilds involved.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

If you thought we would say no, you will be thrilled to know you are wrong. That's because there is an icon showing you a bag of cash, and this acts as a bonus icon. If you are playing three coins on your payline, you might trigger this. You won't have a chance of accessing the bonus without a three-coin bet, so bear this in mind.

Be sure to download and play Cash Grab for prizes today!

Cash Grab benefits from that bonus round, and although the bonus itself is quite simple (we won't spoil the surprise here), you will be pleased to reach it to try and win a prize.

Beyond that, the standard wild and its two multipliers have been used elsewhere, so it is good to see them in use in the same way here, too. When you are ready to see if you have a chance to win prizes, you might be impressed with how the Cash Grab game could work in your favor.