Wooly World Slots

Sometimes you can immediately guess what a game is about by looking at the title. We didn't guess from this title though - did you? The theme for Wooly World is prehistoric in nature, and while it isn't easy to guess, the game itself is very easy to enjoy.

Let's find out what you can expect from it, so you can see whether this is the game for you.

How many reels and paylines can you find in Wooly World?

There are five reels in play in this game, while you can choose from as many as 20 paylines when you are deciding which ones to bet on.

How much or little could you bet?

You have a nice range of coin sizes in play here, as you would expect from a game from Microgaming. The smallest one is a cent while the options go up to 25 cents. You also have an opportunity to bet as many as 10 coins on each line, making a 200 coin bet a possibility at any one time.

Does Wooly World have any special symbols?

Oh yes, and the caveman is the first of them - he is the wild symbol. You will only ever see him on the second and fourth reels. He will increase your chances of getting a winning combination, but he cannot stand in for the scatter symbol.

The scatter is a wooly mammoth. If you get two of these you can look forward to getting double the amount you would otherwise have won with your winning combination.

Is there a bonus round?

Not as such, but the game does present you with the chance to grab some free spins. For this to happen, you have to find three scatters anywhere on your reels. When this happens you will be presented with another screen. This shows you five animals, all of whom are frozen. Release three of them from the ice and you will reveal how many free spins you will get to play. If you manage to get the free spins you have a chance to double all your winnings during those spins.

Download and try Wooly World slots today!

We liked Wooly World and while there is no bonus as such, there is enough here to keep you interested and ready for a chance to win some prizes? Will you have some prehistoric luck?