Tribal Treasure Slots

The tribal, jungle appearance of the game screen in Tribal Treasure slots is well worth looking at in more detail. You'll soon see how easy this game is to play, and you might well enjoy it more than you would think too.

Let's see just how much this game has to offer when you start playing.

How many reels and paylines does Tribal Treasure slots have?

This online slot from Microgaming packs in five reels, and you also have 25 paylines to wager money on if you want to cover all of them.

What can you wager on this online slot game?

You can choose a coin value from one cent to 10 cents on this game. That might sound like a low amount, but you are able to play as many as 20 coins on each payline if you wish.

Does Tribal Treasure have any special symbols?

Yes it has a scatter symbol that is slightly different to what you'd expect. It is an idol, and you will only ever see it on the middle reel. When it does pop up you'll win your bet back for that spin.

Look out for the native too, as this is the wild. If you manage to get four of these on a payline you're in for a good prize if you enabled that payline before you spun the reels.

Is there a bonus level on another screen?

The bonus round here takes the form of some free spins. We've mentioned the scatter symbol appearing on the third reel already. Once you get 10 of them in total, the free spins round will start. You get 10 spins for free with a x5 multiplier as well, so they are worth looking out for.

Play Tribal Treasure slots today!

Tribal Treasure doesn't have the same amount of special features you will see in some other games from Microgaming. However the game screen is appealing and there is more than enough here to keep you interested all told.

If you are looking for a nice easy game to understand with little in the way of new features, you might just like what you find here. At least you can try Tribal Treasure on free play for a while to see if you would like to play for real money -at least for a short time.