Spinfinity Man Slots

Look! What’s that soaring across the sky? Is it Spinfinity Man? It could be, as he is now in action in his own slot game.

This is an obvious theme for a game, of course, since we have played lots of superhero slots before. But this is a new hero, coming to our aid. Is he going to come laden with lots of prizes too?

Introducing Spinfinity Man

We guess that title reveals the theme, but the spinfinity part of it also makes us think of infinity – something that goes on forever. Could that be the case? We’ll soon find out for sure.

Guess the developer for this slot

We were somewhat surprised to learn this one came from Betsoft. Lots of their games feel similar to each other in presentation at least, but this one is very different.

Check out the demo

One thing you can almost always count on with Betsoft is getting access to a demonstration of each of their slots. That’s true of this one too, and since it differs from many of their other ones, it is worth playing the demo to see how everything works.

You can figure out the theme without any trouble

You probably already have as we gave you lots of clues. The title alone reveals this to be yet another superhero slot. This is a new hero though, not a famous one.

Does the game benefit from a good design?

We think so, yes. It enjoys a detailed backdrop of the city the hero lives in and/or protects. We also see lots of color splashed around the place, something that helps the game a lot and gives it a cartoon feel. We think that is a nod to many other heroes who have graced the pages of cartoons and comics.

Spinfinity Man game facts

This is a massive game, boasting a format measuring seven reels wide by seven icons high. You won’t find a progressive prize in this game though, unlike some of the other slots from this developer.

Spinfinity Man can appear on the reels during play. He isn’t a wild, but he can trigger one of five superpowers to benefit you. You could spot Laser Eye Beam or the bigger Double Laser Eye Beam feature. The game also includes an Icy Blast and a Double Icy Blast for good measure. Spinfinity Man can also unleash some Telepathy. Each one acts in a different way to change the layout or appearance of the symbols in view. This doesn’t guarantee a prize, but it does increase the odds something good will happen.

There are Super Wilds in the game too. These substitute for other symbols in the game, except for the superhero and his nemesis, Mr X.

Are there paylines in this game?

No, instead of putting together winning lines, we must find winning clusters of identical symbols. Four or more are required to score a prize. Whenever a prize is collected, the winning symbols explode and are replaced by new ones from above. The grid fills again, and any new prizes are paid and react the same way. This continues until no other prizes are found.

Choose your bet

Since this game works on clusters, we only need to choose a spin bet. This could be as little as 10 cents or as much as $10.

Read the paytable before you begin

This tells you how wins are achieved and what might happen after each go. There are lots of bonus features and elements involved in this slot, so it makes sense to see how everything works first.

Any bonuses to get excited about?

You should get excited about the Fan Girl Fame feature. turns out Spinfinity Man has a fan! Whenever a cluster of symbols explodes, she gets more thrilled at the outcome. If five or more clusters explode in a spin, she triggers the Fan Girl Feature. This means a random quantity of symbols explode on the reels, bringing you one or more instant wins.

Watch out too for Mr X, the enemy of Spinfinity Man. He might show up at any point on the reels. Whenever this occurs, he makes progress along the Villain Trail. Once it reaches the end, the free spins begin.

More about the free spins

Mr X is your nemesis during the free spins. You receive 10 free games, but there are various things that can occur during those games to change what’s happening on the reels. Look out for The X Ray, Super Arm Cannon and Laser Arm Cannon, along with Devastation Bomb and Destruction Bomb.

The RTP for Spinfinity Man

Betsoft confirms the RTP to be 95.8%.

Our rating is better than you might think

This game is superb in every way. We couldn’t give this anything under 10 out of 10 points, thanks to the entertainment, excitement, and varied features involved.

No progressive prizes or winners here

Betsoft says the best you could get from this game is an impressive 5,038x your wager. That said, we won’t hear of any jackpot wins from it, since nothing like this is available.

Play for fun and use the auto spin too

The game can be played just for its appeal and to entertain you, rather than by getting real prizes. There is a lot to appreciate and enjoy with this game, so demo play might well be enough for some players.

Play for real from just 10 cents per spin

Despite the huge grid, we do get the chance to play from just 10 cents a time with Spinfinity Man. That’s great to hear, and we think plenty of players are going to dip into their budget for this one.

Spinfinity Man goes mobile!

And you can too, thanks to the mobile compatibility of this game. It’s a great title to try on any platform.